Today, we meet Elizabeth a.k.a “Sissy, Liz, Sissybeth….” She is a beautiful girl inside and out. She really was the impetus for us to adopt. One day she said to me, “You know, Mom, I am only going to be home for a few more years, so if we are going to adopt we should do it now. I want to be a part of my new sister’s life….”

To share about my firstborn, here’s what I wrote about her in my home study autobiography:

“Elizabeth is a delightful girl who achieves high goals. She maintains straight A’s, won the city/county spelling bee in 2008 and placed 6th in the state. She plays the clarinet, volleyball, and is the student manager for Boys Basketball. She is very interested in writing and participated and completed in a writing a Novel in November (NANOWRIMO) writing challenge. She is an excellent writer who has already achieved many awards. Elizabeth has a heart for people with disabilities and has been a camp counselor for Camp Recreation in Richardton the last two summers. She is reserved, kind, and smart!”
Elizabeth is already a wonderful big sister to Sam and Grace. She is so excited to get Bella home. I thank God for this precious girl!

2 thoughts on “Introducing……Sissy

  1. Just wanted you to know how thankful I am that the Lord has led your family to adopt Bella! I prayed for Brandi when she appeared on the most at risk page and was so thrilled to see her added to the new commitments list. May the Lord bless your family as you endeavor to adopt Bella.


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