Grandma & Papa

Bella will be blessed to have some terrific Grandparents! Grandma & Papa are such a blessing to our family. Grandma is a huge support for our family and Papa can fix anything! Both of them are loved and cherished by the five of us.

We like to do things together–camping, Scrabble, walking, and playing “duck, duck, goose” with Grace. Every Monday we have “soup & bread” night at our house and then on Friday, it’s pizza night. The kids love these traditions with their grandparents. I’m sure Bella will fit right in!

Over Christmas break, we took Amtrak to the cities to take in the Vikings, go to the Mall of America, and just plain relax. We had a great time!

Here are some pics of our very first train ride:

Grandma with Grace:

Sam & Papa:

Elizabeth & Grandparents:

We had a very memorable trip! Lots of fun, laughs, and food. Maybe we can do it again next year–with one extra little bundle along with her new Grandma & Papa!

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