"Pick me"! Guest Blog by Daddy

“We’ll take Joey so I guess you guys get Burckhard”, is what the captain of the other team said. Anyone who has ever played a game of kickball would recognize those as the last words before a game starts. If you had ever been picked last, those words might have been dreaded as you went out for recess each day. The way I looked at it, I still got picked and I was “on the team”! I even had a chance of telling my mom that my team won that day when I got home from school, even if that chance was less than 50% since I was on their team. Any of you who know of my athletic talents knew I was more likely to be the commissioner of the church league than to be a star in it! Being picked last still meant I got “picked”.

Can you imagine what it would be like, however, to have your team say they don’t want you in the game? That they feel their chances would be better “playing a man down”, or 4 on 5? That’s what I thought of when Paula started showing me page after page of the beautiful little faces on the Reese’s Rainbow web site about two months ago. For the last eight years we have felt God preparing us for having another “link” added to our family circle. That’s when I had what they called a “minor surgical procedure”, but that’s a topic for another day. Paula just reminded me that I am a guest blogger today, not a novel writer!

Christ chose us, not because we had done anything special or because we could help his team win. (We have read the book, his team does win!) Because he chose us, we feel lead to open our home to another of his children whose biological family felt their team stood a better chance without them. Many people have said they admire us for this adoption journey we have begun, or that they think we are being self-less or benevolent. We, however, feel God has called us to do this as a reminder that he “picked us” when we were “on waivers” and we are now and forever in his family. We can’t not do this. Therefore, we’ve picked Bella!
By…….Daddy aka Kevin

5 thoughts on “"Pick me"! Guest Blog by Daddy

  1. This is so exciting – to read a blog from someone in our hometown!! As new adoptive parents of 4 months, we are with you all the way. We pray that the bumps along the way will be little ones, few and far between. Give us a call if you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to scream at when the paperwork gets you down.


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