Grace’s e’s & 9’s…..

When Grace was first born and finally home from the hospital, I distinctly remember a moment in time where my mom and I stood hovering over her crib, both just staring at her. Could she hear? Would she walk? Will she ever be able to take care of herself? We were both so overcome with the “what if’s” that at that moment we couldn’t see the gift right in front of our eyes.

Fast forward to today…Grace is a fiesty, 8 year old girl who just happens to have Down Syndrome. It’s our opinion that she will single-handedly change the stereotype of “those children are so loving & good…” When people say that to us these days, we just politely smile and let Grace’s actions do the talking!

She is doing amazingly well in school. As a 2nd grader, she is sight-reading 45 words using Edmark, adding sums up to ten using Touchpoint Math, and testing her limits, and everyone’s patience, in every possible way.

We were recently asked if we would like to have Grace given an IQ test to determine her eligibility for services. We realize that she has mental retardation, but feel that we don’t need a number to determine this. Also, we think that an IQ test could possibly limit teachers’ expectations for her–you know, preconceived notions that labels can bring. So, we said, no thanks!

Here are two papers that came home this weekend in her Friday folder. Notice in this one, she has written every “e” in a different color crayon. Her teacher says she loves to do it this way!

And, on this paper–take a look at her name at the top of the page….

She looked over her papers with me tonight and said “You like my papers?” I said, “Yes, I am sooooo proud of you!” I wish I could have had a glimpse of this moment–when we were wondering if she would ever be able to do anything. Grace, we ARE so proud of you!

No More Floggy

Today you get a special “guest blogger”…me: Elizabeth, a.k.a. Sissy. =)
This morning we were pulling out of the driveway to go to church, when Grace suddenly lets out a horrified gasp. “What is that? Floggy?”
“…Froggy?” I say slowly, trying to figure out what she was talking about.
“Yep, floggy!” she responds enthusiastically.
“Uhh. Flogging?” I was pretty sure that that wasn’t the word Grace was trying to say, but hey. You never know.
“Yep, the floggy is out there!” she pointed out the window.
“Ohhh, foggy!” I say, finally figuring it out. This morning there was a really dense fog outside.
She allowed herself a momentary self-satisfied smile at the fact that she knew what “fog” was, then spent the rest of the drive either talking to herself about the fog, or talking directly to the fog…I couldn’t quite tell.
While we were in church, the fog lifted significantly, but it was still a bit noticeable. As soon as we get out to the car, Grace yells at the top of her lungs. “Floggy is back! It’s a monster!”
“No, it’s okay, Grace,” I reassure her. “It’s going away.”
“Floggy…no more floggy? He’s gone?” she asks with wide eyes.
“Yep, floggy left.”
“Floggy went away? Okay. High School Muzzical THREE divvy-dee!” (translation: High School Musical 3 DVD) This was a sure sign that the floggy would no longer be a problem.

Prayers for Fellow North Dakotans

We are praying for our friends and family in the Bismarck & Fargo areas–the waters are rising minute by minute!

Please pray for safety, warmth, and peace as so many of our friends are affected by the flooding of the Red River & Missouri River–We are praying for My brother Joe & Brenda in Bismarck, Our Northwestern Mutual friends (Kevin’s Fargo office) Nancy & Jim, Karen & Lee (Reece’s Rainbow family), Angie & Jim (East Grand Forks)and so many others I know I am overlooking.

Pray that God uses this unsettling time to draw each of them closer to God. May this dire situation be used for His Glory and purposes!