Meet Karla & Dave!

I can’t believe I’ve been remiss in introducing one of my biggest supporters–My sister Karla and her husband Dave. I know I introduced their five girls, but overlooked them (really, it was an oversight, Karla!)

Karla & Dave live in Texas with their five girls: Alex, Kassie, Julianna, Victoria, and Natasha. They have “adopted” four animals–two greyhounds named Lou and Fetching and two kitties named Simba and Striker. They are a retired Air Force family that settled in their last assignment. Dave has flown every air craft in the Air Force and is now an instructor at a flight school. Karla is super busy as a preschool teacher and professional chauffeur!

We miss seeing them and wished they’d live closer so the cousins could get together. So, we are looking forward to them coming home for a visit this summer! Hopefully, Bella will be here to meet them.

So, thanks, Karla, for being one of my biggest supporters and encouragers in this topsy-turvy world of adoption! Love, Your Big Sis

2 thoughts on “Meet Karla & Dave!

  1. I didn’t think you forgot us — just saving us for the “perfect” time! Ha! Ha!We can’t wait to come to ND this summer to see all of you and to meet little Bella! All the girls are sooooooo excited (and so am I!) 🙂


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