"Thank You" Post

Whew! What a wild couple of weeks we’ve had! Finally, the dossier is at About A Child and almost ready to be shipped to Bella’s country! Next week is a holiday week in her country, so most likely nothing will happen with our dossier until the following week.

In the meantime, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to:
Our Family & Friends……for your support and prayers

Our Church……Trinity Evangelical Free Church and our small group for keeping us in their prayers

Those who’ve generously given to our adoption fund: Stephanie, Michelle & Clint, Ron, Bonnie, Cathy, Lucille, Jen, Lila

About A Child….Amanda (& Victoria) are beyond wonderful, helpful, & patient with my endless emails and questions!

Reece’s Rainbow….Andrea & Meredith who demonstrate God’s love by sacrificially helping families bring their adopted child(ren) home

The wonderful people on Reece’s Rainbow Yahoo groups…for encouragement, support and many laughs (espcially during our Yuku chats)

Catholic Charities of ND….Lisa for expertly & efficiently writing our Home Study

Our wonderful notary…..Jean Ternes

Kevin’s Assistant….Shannon for copying, faxing, and preparing FedEx envelopes for me

ND Secretary of State….Char who was so helpful in reviewing our notaries and getting our documents apostilled

Our St. Paul Field Office & Senator Conrad’s Office….for expediting our adoption approval

Our Loving Father….who has called us to this adoption and will see us through to the end!

We couldn’t have made it this far without the wonderful people God has used throughout this process. We have seen His hand in many miraculous ways and has often used you, His People, to accomplish His purposes.

So, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts….The Burckhards

The Infamous I-171-H

Yay! That elusive little form – the I-171-H – came in the mail yesterday! This is the last document needed to be able to send our dossier over to Bella’s country!

We are so excited because this means that we will hopefully be able to meet her in June! Please pray that all will go quickly and smoothly!

Thanks for all your support & encouragement!

God Bless….Paula

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Happy Birthday to our Grace, who turns 9 today!

She got her ears pierced yesterday (see post below.) We were planning to have her family party tonight, but Kevin is sick so it was postponed. We still had a small party with Totino Pizza Rolls, (to stay on our pantry challenge….Ha Ha) and a chocolate cake that Sam made for his sister.

Here are some shots of our Birthday Girl….

Grace had a great birthday! As long as there are candles and chocolate frosting, all is set for a grand party! Her favorite present was the V-Tech children’s camera. She a had a blast taking pictures like the big kids and her mama!

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Grace Gets Earrings!

Grace got her ears pierced today! She did so great–didn’t even cry! Of course, I used her elma cream that her nurse gave us to numb areas before she has labs. So, I think that took some of the edge off. The whole family went with her to provide moral support.

She asked to get earrings two months ago. Daddy said she had to wait until her birthday which is tomorrow! When we told her that her birthday is Sunday, she said, “Earrings!” She has a remarkable memory!

Sam recorded the whole event, I took pictures, Sissy made sure the placement was right, and Daddy couldn’t watch. We are so proud of her–here she is….


The “prep”…..

The piercing…


Her earring…

“Hey, we match!” Grace says to her sister, Elizabeth….

Grace never ceases to amaze and surprise us–Way to go, Grace!

Happy Day……We’re Approved!

Yay! We received word that our application is approved–we should be getting the approval form I-171-H in 2-3 days!

Why are we so excited about this news, you ask? Well, it means that we can send our dossier to be submitted, translated, and then be invited over to Bella’s country to start the adoption proceedings. We hope to travel at the beginning of June!

We are very happy with this news, but at the same time, a little scared! The month of May will be very busy raising the rest of the funds needed, getting the house ready, making child arrangements, and on and on…….

Doesn’t this sound similar to being pregnant? Guess I’m in the ninth month now…..

Love, Paula

Pantry Challenge Fundraiser….

Today I posted the following on my Reece’s Rainbow yahoo group:

OK, I am starting my “pantry challenge” tomorrow. Here are my own ground rules:

1)For next two weeks, use only what is in pantry and freezer to make meals. Will take inventory and make a menu plan.

2)I may buy fresh produce and milk as needed.

3)Use sites, especially from depression era, to make basic meals and get ideas.

4)I typically spend $150 a week—so my goal is to save $300 in two weeks.

5)I will deduct the amount directly from my checkbook when I would have gone shopping and transfer it to my adoption account.

6)Added bonus – if I am about to buy “anything” else during this two week period, I will deduct that amount I would have spent from my checkbook too. Only essential items will be permitted such as medicine, toilet paper, Kleenex, etc.

I am posting it on my blog too so I can be accountable to you, my friends and family. I’ll post my results in two weeks!

Depression Era motto: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!”

Thankful for "Boring" Day!

Today I have nothing on the schedule-Nada,zip,zero! This is the first time in quite a while that my schedule is clear. I thought a stay-at-home mom was supposed to stay at home? Somewhere along the line, things got a little off track for me, I suppose.

Oh well, today I have nothing! Yay! I am just going to putter around the house, throw some of Kevin’s old magazines, newspapers, and other things he may not notice, (stealth purging, I call it), go for a walk, do a crosswords, make supper–doesn’t this sound lovely?

I am also happy to share that we got great news on medical issues for Grace and my mom yesterday. Praise God! Grace doesn’t have to see her pediatric cardiologist for another four or five years. Her recent echo showed that the pressures in her chambers have stabilized. And, my mom, who has been struggling with some medical issues, got good news as well.

So I am going to enjoy my “boring” day today–with a thankful heart!