Meet…..Randy & Pat

Hello! Today meet Randy & Pat! Here they are at an International Military Ball held between the community and the Minot Air Force Base. Randy calls it “Adult Prom!”

Randy is Kevin’s “older, shorter” brother. Ha Ha…that is the running joke between the two, but I’m sure Randy would beg to differ!

We have always admired and looked up to both of them–first because they’re great people and, second, because they are two of the best parents we have ever met. Their children, now grown, are strong in character and successful in life. Jerica (a nurse), married to Lance, has two boys–Casey & Brady; Tifany (a chiropractor), married to Brock, has two children–Kayleigh and Maddux; Their youngest Jason (orthodontist) is engaged to Andrea–wedding this August 29th.

Randy and Pat are well-known and respected in the community. Randy is a public relations director with SRT Communications and Pat is a 5th grade teacher. Both are extremely active in their church and volunteering in the community.

We are so thankful that we live close to them and that they have been a part of our children’s lives. They are also very supportive of our adoption and look forward to having a new niece named Bella! She will love her “Uncle Duck” and her Aunt Pat!

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