Grace Loves Her Necklaces!

Yes, Grace LOVES necklaces, you know the beaded, shiny kind….

She has many of these and has come up with her own little games with them. She sorts them into piles by color, flings them one by one into her toy chest, or just dangles them and slowly lets them fall into a heap. All the while she’s doing this, she is talking or singing to herself. (by the way, in this picture, she is wearing her brother Sam’s denim dress shirt. He was not pleased!. ha ha)

She has never been one to play with toys, but necklaces–that’s another story! In fact, she got 36 strands (all of them came in a mesh bag from Target) for Easter. She shrieked with joy when she found them during her Easter egg hunt. She shouted, “Necklaces!” and ran off to play leaving her basket of eggs with candy behind. Grace definitely LOVES her necklaces!

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