While I Wait….

I found out through email contact with the nice man at USCIS that we will receive our I-171-H in 45-60 days. Sigh…. Hopefully that is just a pat answer he gives everyone. Praying that it comes faster than that! Will you pray too?

At least the last few months of school go very quickly, what with all the activities, programs, and such. However, I am really going to focus on getting our house in order! Watch out, Kevin, I’m going to do some serious purging!

The other major goal is to get stronger and healthier. I want to do this mostly so that I can be up for the rigors of travel and for bringing Bella home. So, I am eating better, walking, and lifting weights.

And, of course, we are saving up our pennies to be able to have the funds to complete the adoption without having to take out a loan. We found out recently that the 9th grade class at Our Redeemer’s (Elizabeth’s class) is holding a month-long fundraiser for Bella. They are asking the whole school to bring in their change for one month–their goal is $500. If the school makes that goal, they will each get an ice cream treat. I am so blown away that these 15 year-olds have taken this on to help a fellow student’s family!

I have a lot to do while I wait. But, it still is hard….

Love, Paula

3 thoughts on “While I Wait….

  1. Praying for you Paula, for the peace of God that transcends understanding. Waiting is hard! I am praying that was a very conservative amount of time given and that you will get your approval much sooner!

    God bless!


  2. Praying with you for the I-171H!!

    And I think it is so wonderful that Elizabeth’s class is holding that fundraiser for Bella!!

    < HREF="http://joneseeadoption.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila<>


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