Thankful for "Boring" Day!

Today I have nothing on the schedule-Nada,zip,zero! This is the first time in quite a while that my schedule is clear. I thought a stay-at-home mom was supposed to stay at home? Somewhere along the line, things got a little off track for me, I suppose.

Oh well, today I have nothing! Yay! I am just going to putter around the house, throw some of Kevin’s old magazines, newspapers, and other things he may not notice, (stealth purging, I call it), go for a walk, do a crosswords, make supper–doesn’t this sound lovely?

I am also happy to share that we got great news on medical issues for Grace and my mom yesterday. Praise God! Grace doesn’t have to see her pediatric cardiologist for another four or five years. Her recent echo showed that the pressures in her chambers have stabilized. And, my mom, who has been struggling with some medical issues, got good news as well.

So I am going to enjoy my “boring” day today–with a thankful heart!

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