Grace Gets Earrings!

Grace got her ears pierced today! She did so great–didn’t even cry! Of course, I used her elma cream that her nurse gave us to numb areas before she has labs. So, I think that took some of the edge off. The whole family went with her to provide moral support.

She asked to get earrings two months ago. Daddy said she had to wait until her birthday which is tomorrow! When we told her that her birthday is Sunday, she said, “Earrings!” She has a remarkable memory!

Sam recorded the whole event, I took pictures, Sissy made sure the placement was right, and Daddy couldn’t watch. We are so proud of her–here she is….


The “prep”…..

The piercing…


Her earring…

“Hey, we match!” Grace says to her sister, Elizabeth….

Grace never ceases to amaze and surprise us–Way to go, Grace!

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