Our Busy Saturday….

Our Saturday started early with Elizabeth competing at the State Music Competition. She played ‘Nocturne’ by Bassi and got a “star” THE HIGHEST score possible. We are so proud of her!
Then, we wented to an assisted living center where Grace performed at her spring Dance Recital. She did great!
(This picture was from a different time.) Later on, I was invited to be the guest speaker at a Mother/Daughter Dinner at Bethel Free Lutheran. The dinner and cake was so yummy! I shared about our journey from Grace to Bella and our road to adoption. It was so fun to have my mom, Elizabeth, and Grace there with me. What fun!

While the girls were at the Mother/Daughter Dinner, the boys went to Planet Pizza to play games and such. Here’s what Sam thought about his outing…

So all in all, a very busy, yet very fun day! Looking foward to a day of “rest” tomorrow.

One thought on “Our Busy Saturday….

  1. Congrats to Elizabeth and way to go, Grace!
    I am sure your speech was awesome!
    I’m sure the “boys” had fun at Planet Pizza!
    Sounds like a fun/exciting day!:-)


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