Adoption Update

Hello All!
Just a quick post today to give an update on our adoption journey. Our dossier is done (Yay!) and ready to be sent to Bella’s country. Once it arrives there, our facilitator will translate it into Russian. After that, it will be ready to be submitted to the department of adoption after which we will be invited over to Bella’s country to hopefully receive her referral.

So, in summary, the next step big step the submission of our dossier. The question is when this will actually take place? Bella’s country only accepts submissions for younger children on Mondays. And, because last Monday and the next are holidays there, the earliest date for our submission is May 18th. However, there are several families “in line” before us–so, it could be May 25th or even June 1st. Either way, we trust God for his timing in it all!

Bottom line, Bella will be home this summer, Lord willing!

Also, we were so blessed this weekend to receive a generous donation from a family at our church. We were left speechless–which is a rare thing for the Burckhards! It is very humbling and so very hard to be gracious accepting such a gift. Then, yesterday a sweet cousin of mine called and also wanted to make a love gift to our adoption fund. We were overwhelmed once again! What words can we say to let you know how much this means to us! Thank you to all who are partnering with us to save this little girl and give her a “forever family”.

Love, Paula & family

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