Grace makes us laugh everyday, especially with her own “language” or GraceSpeak! Here’s the English language according to Grace:

Pretzel hot rod – pretzel rod

No rain, no paint?!? – Said as we drive past the ‘scary’ car wash!

“kdik,kdik” — tickle tickle

Two minutes! – (while holding up two fingers) She says this whenever she wants us to wait for her to do anything…

My turn?–her way of asking if it is her night for DreamCatchers t-ball!

Yes or No? – She holds up both hands and we are supposed to touch the hand that represents “yes” or “no” —but, she always holds the answer “she” wants out closer to you and the other far back, so you can’t reach it to try to get the answer she wants!

Black or grey? – to ask which car we will take

Blue candy – Dove chocolates

Swimming, shower? – When she wants to go to the YMCA

Sissybeth – Elizabeth

Daddy, you pooped! – ummm, “poofed”

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