Our Special Gift

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate mothers! We ALL have our mothers to thank for giving us the gift of life. As a mom, I was given a very special, unexpected gift over 9 years ago–a beautiful baby girl named Grace, who just happens to have Down syndrome. I don’t understand why she was given this little something “extra”, but I do know that our family received an “extra” blessing when God granted her to us. God continues using Grace mold our characters to be more like his son Jesus.

However, most people would not agree that Down syndrome could be a blessing. In fact, over 90% of parents who find out in utero that their baby has Down syndrome will go on to terminate their pregnancy.

This makes me so sad. I wish all people could know Grace, and others like her, to see how valuable and loved she is! Why are we such a ‘throwaway society’? If someone does not look perfect, is too old, or their bodies don’t work, we think they are of no value. However, God our Father loves and cherishes each precious life He has created.

3 thoughts on “Our Special Gift

  1. I kept that verse in my daughter’s bassinet in NICU/PICU for 16 weeks. This post is so true.

    I am going to add you to my adoption blogroll. Stop by sometime and share some of your experience with new parents.


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