Leaving Everyone Behind…..

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Edgely, ND, to attend our state’s Family Voices Family Leadership Weekend. I’m excited, but nervous to attend….and leave everyone behind. Kevin’s a great hands-on Dad, so he’ll do fine.

Family Voices is a national organization that aims to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities. This weekend family members from across the state will attend this conference to learn leadership skills and how to advocate for their children. Should be a good time–I’m more concerned that I have to share a motel room with someone I don’t know! Ha Ha!

I am hoping that when I get back on Sunday I will be able to let you know more about the adoption details!

Have a good weekend. AND, if you think about it, give Kevin a call! LOL

One thought on “Leaving Everyone Behind…..

  1. Hope you had a good weekend and a good “motel” mate! I shared a room with you for many years and I know how you like it quiet! 🙂
    I’m sure Kevin did a great job!


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