No news yet….

But the news is coming to our house! LOL Yes, one of our local TV stations is coming over to our house to do a story on our adoption journey. I am really nervous just thinking about it! I’ll put the link on here after it runs.

Would you pray that we have the right words to convey why we are doing this? We want people to know our hearts in this grand adventure–not coming across as self-righteous–but humble. Bottom line, we want God to get the glory!

Also, on the adoption front, we are waiting for our dossier to be submitted. No news yet. The silver lining of this is that we have more time to make arrangements for child care and for saving pennies! On the other hand, I would like to get a travel date soon–my heart’s desire is that we can come home with Bella while my sister and her family are still here during their visit this summer. They arrive on July 14th and will leave July 30th. Would you also pray for this?

Thanks again for your prayers and emotional support. We are so blessed!

Love, Paula

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