Nothing’s going on….

and that’s a good thing! We had a really relaxing weekend, although I spent almost my whole Saturday cleaning out the garage (third stall was stuffed with boxes from when we moved last July) and painting my retro metal lawn furniture chairs a hunter green. Actually, the furniture turned out really nice–and saved us $$’s by only having to pay $24 for paint instead of succumbing to the temptation to buy a new set! Every little bit saved continues to go into the Bella fund.

While Grace is in school today, I am taking Sam & Liz out to run some errands. Liz is out driving with her driver’s ed teacher Mr. M right now. She only has one more hour to drive and then she’s officially done with driver’s ed. What’s amazing is that she only got her permit last Wednesday and will have gotten her required 6 hours of driving done in one week. It will be so nice to have an additional driver for when we become a family of six!

Tonight’s the rescheduled TV spot with KMOT, our NBC affiliate. Still kind of nervous! I’ll keep you posted 🙂 ……

Now, as we move into the lazy days of summer, we continue to wait “patiently” for news on the adoption front. I am so excited to get our dossier in and get that travel date–then the lazy days of summer will turn into the crazy days of summer, I’m sure!

One thought on “Nothing’s going on….

  1. wow Elizabeth only needs six hours of driving???
    Seriously!!??? Here they need 40 hours of driving but first they also have to complete and pass drivers education. (a 3 month course that meet every tuesday and thursday with every other wednesday) They also have to wait 6 months from the time they received their permit to take the drivers license tests. Sky cannot get his driver’s license until September 10th. Which is fine with me because he gets to practise until then and that makes me feel better about him going out driving by himself. He is a pretty safe driver but it is still scary to me!!!lol


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