DreamCatchers Starts Tonight!!!

Grace’s t-ball team, the DreamCatchers, starts tonight. She is so excited and keeps saying “my turn”? I suppose it’s her way of saying “Ok, I’ve gone to everyone else’s events, now it’s my turn!”

Here is a walk down memory lane….

In 2006, Extreme Makeover Home Edition was in our town redoing the DreamCatcher’s Founder and Leader’s home and the ball diamond. Paul, one of the designers, took special interest in Grace…

Here’s another shot of Grace on Paul’s shoulders during a game. After it was all over, I found Paul’s blog and he said that the highlight of his time in ND was meeting a little girl named Grace!

Here’s the “talent” as they were called greeting the DreamCatchers at an exclusive party on the set….

Each night, in reverse inclusion sort of way, the DreamCatchers get to choose a buddy. Grace always selects a “cute” boy to be her buddy. The buddies consist of local athletic teams, Key Clubs, etc. Each team will take one night and be a buddy. This is a great way to expose “typical” kids about how children with disabilities are “more alike than different!”

Here’s Grace with her best friend (and future husband, ha ha) Conner….

And, finally, the lady that started it all….one of Grace’s favorite people, Michelle Bliven, DreamCatchers founder and friend….

3 thoughts on “DreamCatchers Starts Tonight!!!

  1. This is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I have two children with special needs. It is so cool when everyone can be included and have a good time together.


  2. Grace— Have a great game tonight! We are looking forward to coming to one of your games when we visit in July! 🙂


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