“Hair today, gone tomorrow”!

What can a little girl who is barely 3 feet tall and weighs less than 30 lbs do in 3 days that many grownups, including some of my best clients, my mother, Paula and my Managing Partner, could not do in over 8 years?!?!!?! Get me to shave off my goatee that’s what!

It is just one of many steps I am willling to take in hopes of winning her love, heck, in hopes of just getting her to stop running away from me shrieking “byuse, byuse, byuse”! Translation: afraid, afraid, afraid of your grey chin fur! Hope I can still convince the agents in customs that I am the same guy as in the passport picture !
Dasvee danya, (good bye)

5 thoughts on ““Hair today, gone tomorrow”!

  1. Good Job Kevin! I knew you would do it, boy she has you wrapped around her little finger already!
    🙂 Don't worry it grows back! Hugs! SHe is adorable, thanks for posting new photos! Let us know how it works with no hair Kevin! Wanda


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