Terrific Tuesday….

Our day yesterday was good. First of all, our translator Natasha worked very, very hard to get signatures so that she and Anatoly, the facilitator, can submit the paperwork to get a court date. She has been such a blessing to us. We thank God that He gifted us with such a good match as a translator & friend.

Our two visits with Bella were so much fun–she is warming to Kevin, touching his face and even sitting on his lap. We gave her a blue bunny purse–she loved it and pranced around like a little model.

After our late afternoon visit with Bella, we met up with several other Reece’s Rainbow familes: JoAnn & Ruben & thier friend Sandy , Amy & Adam, Bill & Lyndi, Gillian & daughter Elaina, Joy & daughter Teresa, and translators Natasha & Nadya. We met at the Mexican restaurant Tequila House.

(The Papas, Left to right: Ruben, Kevin, Bill, Adam)

(The Mamas, Left to Right: Joy, Amy, Gillian, JoAnn, Lyndi, Paula)

All in all–a very good day! Love in Him, Paula & Kevin

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