Waiting for a Court Date

As of Thursday morning, we are in the “wait and see” mode once again. Our translator and facilitator are working diligently to be able to get a court date for us so that we will be able to come home on July 7th as scheduled.

We realize that it is cutting it really close but are still praying that we will be able to come home that day for the 10 day waiting period. After the 10 day wait, I will fly back to Ukraine myself to complete paperwork such as a passport, VISA, and such for Bella. I am planning to leave her in her orphanage until a day or two before we fly out for home. This will allow her to have continuity in her day while I am running around completing necessary tasks.

We had a nice time again last night. Amy and Adam invited us to their apartment for a “dinner and a haircut”. Ha Ha. JoAnn brought her scissors and gave Adam a new do. We had a really nice time eating and visiting in English! Oh, and a new couple Boston and Chad were able to join us before they head to their region today.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Would you pray specifically for a court date that would allow us to return next Tuesday? I think our children are ready for us to come home. (ok, me to!) We praise God that our trip has gone smoothly, that Bella seems to be receptive to us, and that our children at home have such loving, nurturing caregivers. We are amazed to see God’s sovereign hand in every detail. Slava Bohu!

Love in Him, Paula

3 thoughts on “Waiting for a Court Date

  1. We will pray that your court date and that you can return on schedule. I know that Grace, Sam and Elizabeth would like to see you soon! Okay…. Grandma and Papa, too! 🙂


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