The Good & The Bad….

The Good…..

The Bad….

No court yet. We have to stay another three weeks–just kidding Mom! Seriously, we will most likely not be able to leave on Tuesday. Will have to wait until Monday to finalize the details. We are disappointed, but know that our Translator and Facilitator did all they could to get a court date.

Would you pray that these bumps in the road will be smoothed out so that our adoption of Bella will be finalized and that we will be able to return home to our children as soon as possible. We so appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

Love, Paula

3 thoughts on “The Good & The Bad….

  1. Bella is just so cute! I love this picture of her! I'm sorry you didn't get your court date today. I am praying that everything will be taken care of next week!


  2. That is a VERY cute picture!! SOOOOOOOOO cute! It is not good about the court date – keep us posted when you find out. We will pray that it will be soon! 🙂


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