Little Piggies…..

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy…… What fun! I don’t know if Miss Bella has ever had her shoes off outside. We were “naughty” and took off her hat and shoes and let her swing barefooted! She kept looking down at her feet, laughing, and wiggling her little piggies. The breeze felt so good I’m sure.

Then, we went to a covered play area and the three of us took off our shoes and wiggled our toes together. She giggled, but then insisted that we all put our shoes back on! Kind of afraid to break the rules, I think! 🙂

While I had her shoes off, before she insisted that they really need to be back on, I was able to trace her foot on a piece of paper to figure out what size shoe she wears (Thanks for the tip, Lyndi!) Then, today she insisted we all take off our shoes again, and she traced our feet! Too precious!

She also LOVES wipes! After tracing our feet, she washed our feet and her own! What a little servant…ha ha…

What a blessing to be able to witness one of her firsts—to go barefoot in the summertime!

7 thoughts on “Little Piggies…..

  1. Cute! I love piggies! You are going to have so much fun showing Bella all the things that are different in America. It sounds like you having a great time. I'm glad you are enjoying every moment and sharing it with us. Thanks!


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