Life goes on….

Hello Friends!

Elizabeth and I are getting into our own little routine here: orphanage, apartment, orphanage, apartment…

Bella is wonderful. It is so fun to see her connect with “Leeza” as the orphanage workers call her. All the other children now call Bogdana “Bella” and she is seeming to like her new name and respond to it.

I am so excited to report that another family from the States received a referral to a little girl at Bella’s orphanage. They are a wonderful family for a wonderful little girl! This little girl stole Kevin’s heart–every day we were here we would catch her longingly looking at us–around the corners, over ledges, behind trees–wanting a family for her own. Kevin is so thrilled! He said that she reminded him so much of what our Elizabeth looked like at that age, and it just broke his heart that she was alone. What a miracle and a blessing!

Love, Paula

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