Scoring Points with Bella

Today was the first time, since the day we met her, that we gave her some food and juice. In a stealth-like fashion, we offered her some little Gerber crackers–you know the ones that melt in your mouth. She loved them! Couldn’t chew them, but sucked away until they dissolved.

Then, we gave her a new sippy cup filled with grape juice–it took her a few tries to get the hang of it. But, once she did, she clutched that little cup so hard to her face that it left a big red mark on her nose. You could hear her loudly gulping away!

At the beginning of our time here at the Orphanage, they asked us not to feed her so that she would eat her meals. They said “The children here are very well-fed getting five meals a day.” We wonder what they consider a meal, because Bella is a scrawny little thing! Then, one day they allowed us to feed her a jar of baby food. Hmmmmmm, is that a meal for a four-year old? We will definitely have to get some feeding and OT therapy for her!

So we think we scored BIG points with Bella. We figured that now that she is officially a Burckhard, that we would be ok giving her a little snack. Truly, the way to our family’s heart is definitely through the tummy! Welcome to the family, Bella!

5 thoughts on “Scoring Points with Bella

  1. Fun, fun, fun!! She sounds a lot like Simon – he sucks his food. Doesn't chew. Can't wait for OT and Speech Therapy to get a hold of him!

    Bella is just the cutest little thing!! When will you be swinging through Kiev? I'll be there over the weekend, I think, on my way home for the 10 days.


  2. That is so cool! So if you're saying the way to the Burckhard children's heart is through the tummy…….it's OK that we had Hardees for lunch, Papa John's pizza (free coupon) for supper and Dairy Queen ( with Grandma Lucille, her treat) for our bedtime snack?!?!?! Thanks!


  3. Looks like you and Liz are having a great time bonding with Bella. Bet you're counting the days till you return to the rest of the family! Wishing you a safe and trouble-free trip home!


  4. Don't worry she will fatten up once she is home with real food!!! 🙂 She is in for such a great adventure! Thanks for the updates!


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