Our Day…..

We picked up little Bella at her orphanage and wedged her between Elizabeth and me in the back seat of the taxi. Her wide eyes were going “blinky, blinky” as she tried to take it all in. When the “machina” started moving, she grasped on to Elizabeth’s left hand and my right…her little fingers were white as she held on for dear life. Natasha said to tell her “horisho” (or something like that 🙂 to tell her “it’s ok”. She didn’t move a muscle until she saw the Dnipro River and then quickly sat up and pointed at the water.

Here we are waiting at the passport office with Elizabeth & Bella and her “ginormous” bow!…

She was very good at the passport office, though we had to do lots of tricks to get her to close her mouth, sit up straight, look here, etc. Finally, we got a good enough scan and picture of her face.

We brought her back to the orphanage, with our hands in her vice grip. She seemed to relieved to be back at the only home she has ever known. However, SHE wanted to play like we usually do, but it was time to eat lunch. She was ok with that when our translator said it was time to go in and eat. She hustled off into the building leaving us all standing there!

Oh, and I might as well tell you, it was my birthday too. The best present of all was watching Bella experience her first ride in a car and her first time ever off the orphanage grounds. We can’t wait to watch her blossom and experience the big world that’s waiting for her just outside the orphanage gates–not to mention these three, Grace, Sam, and Daddy anxiously awaiting our return and Bella’s arrival….

7 thoughts on “Our Day…..

  1. Happy Birthday Paula! I just love the outfit she's in, they dress so different but so cute! Caleb had a pair of tights on once at his orphanage just like those but different colors. I wish I could have brought them home as a keepsake.:)


  2. Happy Birthday, Paula! Glad to hear that you will have special memories of your day! We are also happy that things are coming together smoothly. We look forward to seeing you all back home soon!


  3. That is one birthday you will always remember!! I can just imagine Bella looking around at everything in amazement! I am glad you had a great birthday in the Ukraine! 🙂


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