Getting Close……

Hello! Just a quick update….we took Bella to the required medical appointment today. She was very fiesty while waiting for the appointment, but was a very good girl with the doctor. Our translator said he was impressed with her comprehension, how she knew the animals and their sounnds and her ability to point to body parts he requested such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

We had Bella with us driving around from 9:00 to 1:30 going both to the medical appointment and to drop off documents at the Embassy. Our Visa appointment is 2:00 tomorrow at the US Embassy.

We weren’t able to have our gotcha day today as we hoped 😦 because the Inspector is on vacation and the assistant Inspector was unable to be there when we wanted to leave. (Apparently, a representative has to be at the orphanage when we take Bella.) So, her “gotcha day” will be tomorrow at 12:30 before the Embassy appointment. Also at this time, we will give the orphanage workers a little gift for the love and dedication they have given to Bella and the other children.

I will update tomorrow after we get Bella….We fly out of Kiev at 5:30 am on Thursday morning. Daddy, Sam & Grace–here we come! Love, Paula

5 thoughts on “Getting Close……

  1. Good luck with everything tomorrow! I'm sorry that we will not be there to witness Bella getting sprung as I had hoped. We hopefully will be just finishing up our court around then. I wonder if the asst.inspector is the same person that is coming to our court at 10:30? Maybe we'll actually run into you at the embassy since we are headed there after court for Joe to sign papers.

    If we do not see you, it has been very nice talking with you over the last few weeks! I wish you all the best and pray that Bella's transition into her family will go smooth. Maybe we'll take you up on a trip to ND one day!

    Congratulations on finally reaching this point and safe travels!



  2. I can't wait to see your post tomorrow!:)
    It's been a longer journey than you probably expected but you're bringing home your angel finally!! Remember to take pics of Grace with her.:) I can't wait to see those too!
    God Bless!


  3. Can hardly wait to see the “complete” Burckhard family. Will be praying that the flight home will not be too overwhelming for a small little girl, her sissy, and Mommy.


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