Liking the Vikings!

One of the best things about having children is influencing them on who their favorite sports teams are! So just like her big sister Grace, Bella is an official fan of the purple and gold. (Primarily because like Brett Favre, they are both feel like they are in a “foreign” country!) Bella does not quite understand all of the rules of American “futbol”, but she does like to play catch with the Viking Nerf and she thinks she looks cute in her Vikings cheerleader outfit.

Grace not only likes playing catch but also likes to tackle which is why she is wearing the Helga helmet. It’ll be easy to remember the year that the Vikings win their first Super Bowl because it will coincide with that Bella became part of our family.

Skol Vikings, Let’s go! Love, Kevin AKA Papa

5 thoughts on “Liking the Vikings!

  1. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful story!

    We adopted our daughter from Berizka in 2004….(she just turned 6 last month) at the time the orphanage was undergoing a complete renovation, so the children were being cared for in “children's hospital” near by. We actually saw the plans for the final result, and according to your pictures..looks like they did a good job!

    Best wishes!


  2. Hi Kerri!

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Berizka was as nice as an orphanage could get….according to our translator. But it still did not replace a family and home! Congrats on your daughter too! Love, Paula


  3. So happy for all of you! I hope we get to meet Bella soon. I have been following your journey every day! Amazing. Also, nice jersey Kevin!


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