Oops….. :)

Last night Kevin came out and said, “Oops, I think I just did something really funny.” I looked up from the computer and said, “What?” He just stared at me. I looked at him once more questioningly, like “Well, are you going to tell me or what?” And then I noticed this….

Sam was standing right by us and burst out laughing too. Kev forgot to change his shaver to just a clipper. (He eventually shaved off the “mustache” too. But Sam HAD to get a picture of him like this!)

Remember how Bella was so “byoos” or “afraid” of Kevin with the goatee? Well, Grace took one look at him without the goatee and was “byoos” of him. I finally got her to realize that it really is OK and that Daddy will be fine and the goatee will grow back! She kept saying, “Goatee on again?” over and over.

Poor Kevin–He can’t win with his little girls! As for me, I still love my Mr. Clean!

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