Poll: To Bee or not To Bee?

Ok, it’s one day before Halloween and a very important decision needs to be made. Yesterday, I noted in my blog post that we have two bumblebee costumes, when the truth of the matter is that we have THREE! One for Bella, one (from last year) for Grace, AND a new one for Daddy.

What do you think? Should I return it to Target or should I let Kevin continue to torment the older kids by not only keeping it, but wearing it?

We want your feedback! Here’s your chance to have a voice… Keep it or return it?….You decide!

To Bee or not To Bee?
Please Specify:

ugg boots


Halloween Fun…

Bella got to go to her first Halloween Party tonight with big sister Grace. The party was hosted by the Magic City Campus Key Club for our DreamCatchers Baseball Team.

First off, we had to get them dressed in their costumes. We had two bumblebee costumes, but Grace insisted on being a princess. So we thought, “OK, a Queen and a Queen Bee!” LOL Elizabeth did Grace’s hair and makeup–Grace just loved the pampering from her big sis. When we told her she looked gorgeous, she just smiled at herself in the mirror and said slowly, “Yeaaaaah….”

Here are the Queens:

Close-up of my queen:

Close-up of my queen bee:

Grace admiring herself at the party (her ‘gorgeous’ makeup covered up with face paint):

They had a wonderful time with the high school students eating pizza, painting pumpkins, singing, playing games, and face painting.

With each new experience for Bella we wonder the same thing–Oh, that we could know what she is thinking! But we praise God that we can watch her awe and wonder as she experiences things for the first time! What an honor and a privilege!

"Bella" Dancing….

While I was making supper tonight, Bella started dancing…and didn’t stop for 10 minutes or so. It was hilarious watching her slap her fat little Fred Flintstone feet on the floor and slap her knees & tummy! Elizabeth captured the last of her moves right here. Kevin said, “We might not be in Hawaii, but we have our own little “Bella” dancer!


My "Miss" Matches….

I don’t know if it’s part of the DS makeup or what! But, both Grace and Bella have the uncanny knack to put together some of the wildest, mismatched outfits.

Here we see Grace is modeling her every day look–her “orange shirt, blue pants”! Also, please note the smear of ketchup on her chin, an ever-present beauty mark on her! This outfit has to be clean every day because as soon as she gets off the bus and gets in the door, off go her school clothes and on goes this wonderful ensemble!

Looks like Bella is following in her footsteps– notice her pink and black sweatshirt with flowered brown pants. Wow, watch out fashion world, we have a couple trendsetters here!

Secretly, I wish all of us could be as confident in ourselves as these two–whether they are wearing any clothes or not! LOL

The Way of the Hand and the Foot….

“Grace, what is Tae Kwon Do?” the judge asked. Grace shyly replied, “The way of the hand and the foot.”

Grace passed her first round of testing in Tae Kwon Do! I was so proud of her…she really loves going to her “Do” classes as she calls them. I love it because it is good exercise and emphasizes building character traits such as listening, respect, and following directions. The classes are very good for children like Grace who need structure and are visual learners.

Her caregiver Jen takes her to classes and told us that she is impressed with how Grace is not only picking up the movements, but also that she is a great encourager to the others in the class. That’s what makes me most proud–when one of my children are kind or encouraging to others!

Here is my little Tae Kwon Do girl with her instructor Kelly (who is also an excellent occupational therapist in “real” life):

Way to go big sister Grace! Love, Mama

Bella & Jake..BFF’s?

The first time Bella met Jake, she shrieked in fear! Every time the cat would even walk by her, she would literally shake and scream in panic. We were a little worried what would happen if they couldn’t co-exist. However, after just a few days at home, she would just casually glance over at him and look as if she were thinking “I wonder why that big black and white thing is in the house?” (Kevin still wonders that! 🙂

Then, one day she reached out and tentatively petted him! Now, she calls Jake to come sit on a blanket on her lap. It’s quite humorous to see a 21 lb cat sitting on a 27 lb little girl! I think they secretly really like each other.

We are pretty sure she never saw a cat before Jake. But now, she notices kitties all over the place..in books, on TV, toys, you name it. She says “Ki-ee, Ki-ee, Ki-ee” “mow, mow, mow”….

I am not sure Bella realizes it, but Jake was also very instrumental in her adoption. I think I told of how the Orphanage Director was so taken aback when he saw our picture of Jake in our family album we were showing him at our first visit. He said he had a cat just like Jake. The next day, back in his office, the family album was open–to the photo of Jake! He told us that he went home that previous night and told his cat “Mushka” that he had a twin brother in America. How did this happen?” Hey, who would have thought Jake would play a role in bringing Bella home!

All in all, I’d say she (& he) adapted pretty well. After all–he’s adopted too! 🙂