Bella’s "Good" Deed…..

I walked into the laundry room to find this:

I guess Bella didn’t want to be the only Fat Cat in her new home!

The sad thing is that it is “diet” cat food. Poor Jake! That would be like someone dumping a huge helping of carrots out for me instead of chocolate….

Sigh….life is not fair, huh Jake?

5 thoughts on “Bella’s "Good" Deed…..

  1. That looks SO FAMILIAR!!LOL! Whenever Jimmy feeds Mikey our Golden Retriever, he overflows the bowl and it is at least twice what he should eat. Jimmy does it on purpose though, he thinks it's funny to see how much dog food he can get into the bowl without spilling it. Mikey is a tad overweight also. (I wonder why!):)


  2. The look on the cat's face after reading your comment about the diet cat food just really cracks me up!! I know I've commented already but this really hits me!! LOLOL!!


  3. Hey Ladies! Yes, this made me smile too. Don't we all need a good laugh sometimes, even when there is a mess involved. I left the food for Jake, but Kevin eventually cleaned it up.

    Poor cat….

    Amy – I think our kids would be able to do some damage if they were together… 🙂


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