My "Miss" Matches….

I don’t know if it’s part of the DS makeup or what! But, both Grace and Bella have the uncanny knack to put together some of the wildest, mismatched outfits.

Here we see Grace is modeling her every day look–her “orange shirt, blue pants”! Also, please note the smear of ketchup on her chin, an ever-present beauty mark on her! This outfit has to be clean every day because as soon as she gets off the bus and gets in the door, off go her school clothes and on goes this wonderful ensemble!

Looks like Bella is following in her footsteps– notice her pink and black sweatshirt with flowered brown pants. Wow, watch out fashion world, we have a couple trendsetters here!

Secretly, I wish all of us could be as confident in ourselves as these two–whether they are wearing any clothes or not! LOL

8 thoughts on “My "Miss" Matches….

  1. Jimmy does this too. I have to sneak in his room at night to grab the same shirt and pair of shorts just to wash them. He wears them all winter long! He puts them on everyday after school.


  2. Hey, hey now, that orange and blue is perfect if you are a Florida Gator fan. We see a whole lot of that combo down here in Gator country. 😉

    I am so glad that my girls are not the only ones with such fashion taste. My 10 year old is finally asking me what I think about certain combos that she has come up with. I only wish that she would actually listen to my advice.


  3. Amy, Ivan is a boy after my heart – jammies all the way! No belt for me though–too constricting…LOL

    My Girls Mom…I'll have to tell my sports fanatic husband Kevin about the color combo…never thought of that! He'll think that's cool…he loves College sports!

    Love, Paula


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