Halloween Fun…

Bella got to go to her first Halloween Party tonight with big sister Grace. The party was hosted by the Magic City Campus Key Club for our DreamCatchers Baseball Team.

First off, we had to get them dressed in their costumes. We had two bumblebee costumes, but Grace insisted on being a princess. So we thought, “OK, a Queen and a Queen Bee!” LOL Elizabeth did Grace’s hair and makeup–Grace just loved the pampering from her big sis. When we told her she looked gorgeous, she just smiled at herself in the mirror and said slowly, “Yeaaaaah….”

Here are the Queens:

Close-up of my queen:

Close-up of my queen bee:

Grace admiring herself at the party (her ‘gorgeous’ makeup covered up with face paint):

They had a wonderful time with the high school students eating pizza, painting pumpkins, singing, playing games, and face painting.

With each new experience for Bella we wonder the same thing–Oh, that we could know what she is thinking! But we praise God that we can watch her awe and wonder as she experiences things for the first time! What an honor and a privilege!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Fun…

  1. Love it! The Queen and the Queen Bee!!! They are just so cute!!!!!! Grace looks like she is saying, “Wow! Look at the GORGEOUS girl!!” Bella looks like she is saying, “Wow! They do some strange things in the U.S.! BZZZZZZZZ!!!!


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