Kevin’s New Baby….

Kevin is proud to announce the arrival of his new “baby”….a Bobcat!

After last year’s ND monumental snowfall, Kevin and my Dad have started a snow removal business called “The SnowMen” with the slogan–“We Get Your Drift…” Sam will be the third snowman in the group and will help out with more of the shoveling and precision work. 🙂 My Dad will run the Bobcat and Kevin will take the phone calls, market, and schedule appointments. (basically schmooze)

Do you think they are wishing for snow this year?

So, if you need snow removal services and are in the area, give Kevin a call! He can’t wait to get his new “baby” out….

Love, The SnowMan’s Wife

6 thoughts on “Kevin’s New Baby….

  1. Haha, I love it. We would NEVER have a use for snow removal here, but I wish you guys luck in your new business. I hope you get TONS of snow and the bobcat gets used a lot!!


  2. Lyndi & Missy, You two are so funny! I needed a laugh today…I would love to see a Bobcat on a beach…But as Lyndi can attest, you better not tempt Kevin, because you can't put anything past him. I could see him driving all the way to Florida towing his Bobcat! By the way, guess where we drove 22 years ago for our honeymoon? To Disney World in a Chevy Nova, no less! Memories….

    Thanks you guys…Paula


  3. LOL – love the slogan! Jacob is dreaming of snow but I'm afraid he's going to be waiting a long time…

    Love the family pic in your sidebar, btw. You all look SO happy! What a blessed family!


  4. Love the name and slogan! My dad was an independent electrician and had “Neil's Electric” and his slogan was “let us remove your shorts! “
    I love creativity 🙂


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