Texas Visit….Good Times!

We arrived in Texas late on Wednesday night after Bella’s first flight on an airplane just to take a visit. She was PERFECT on the plane–well, especially when you are mesmerized by Barney half the time!

Yesterday was a full day of eating lunch with Victoria at her school and shopping at the Shops at La Cantera. We also went to watch the three little girls at their dance class. Bella totally got into the dancing when Natasha showed her routine at the end of the class. She has definitely got moves! The rest of the night we hung out, played duck duck goose, ring around the rosie, and played with Lou and Fetching (the adopted Greyhounds Bella was frightened of at first).

Here are a few snapshots of our first day:

9 thoughts on “Texas Visit….Good Times!

  1. What fun!!! I would comment on the pictures, but there are too many to comment on!! I loved them all, but my favorite for sure is the one where you are holding her and you are both in your jams. :o)

    I'm behind on reading blogs, forgive me!!


  2. I spent the better part of the day reading your blog & about your trip to get Bella! Wow, the orphanage looks wonderful; much better than what I had pictured in my mind. I'm so looking forward to seeing it firsthand!

    We watched the video of when you first met Bella & Ruby was just fascinated – we told her that was her new friend, Bella, and she'd get to meet her someday 🙂


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