Home Three Months Today!

I can’t believe Miss Bella has been home three months today! It is like she has been with us forever.

She is quite the little character who knows what she LOVES:

chocolate milk
cream of wheat
bath time with Grace
swings & slides

riding in a car
looking at photos & books

She is doing amazingly well! She had her preschool evaluation yesterday and will start in January a few hours each morning. But, I think she is mostly excited to ride the bus with her big sister Grace. They won’t be at the same school, but they will get to ride the “bum” (bus) together.

We are thankful that God placed her in our family. We are also so thankful to our friends and family for giving us the support needed, both financially and emotionally, to make this happen. We are blessed beyond measure!!!

6 thoughts on “Home Three Months Today!

  1. Bella looks wonderful! It is amazing how in such a short time, these kids look like they have been home forever! So happy for you all!

    I cannot wait to write the same post…Home For 3 Months! Soon…


  2. It is amazing how time goes by so quickly now! Remember how LONG 3 months seemed while you were waiting for Bella? Oh, and on your list….don't forget, as we found out, she also LOVES the ocean!!!! The girls are STILL asking when we can all get together again!!


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