Bella’s First Christmas Tree…

Putting up the Christmas tree was so fun this year!

Bella was such a little trooper; you see, we have the old-fashioned artificial tree where you have to actually spread out the branches and then attach them to the tree. Bella was our designated runner: she would take a folded branch, deliver to one of us to fluff up, and then take a readied branch back to Daddy to attach to the main frame.

She loved the lights and putting ornaments on the tree. (See yesterday’s blog for what she likes to do with them now… 🙂

Here’s our little angel helping with her first Christmas tree…

Bella with my souvenir Ukrainian egg from an artisan at the Architechtural Museum outside of Kyiv:

Bella’s big sister Grace “decked” out in her own holiday costume:

Bella with Big, big sis Elizabeth after the decorating session:

Bella, we love “seeing” everything new through your eyes!

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