Elizabeth’s Eclectic Sounds of the Season…

This afternoon Elizabeth participated in our community’s performance of Handel’s Messiah. Because it is the 250th anniversity of Handel’s death and the 100th year of the performance in our community, the choir consisted of 250 voices!

Elizabeth and two of her friends from school sung in the alto section. The music was so beautiful and moving…all raised in praising our God in heaven, telling of His wondrous works through His son’s birth.

Well, as soon as the Messiah was over, Elizabeth darted out the auditorium door and hopped into her Dad’s vehicle to trek on down to Bismarck (about two hours away) to go to the TobyMac Winter Wonder Slam concert. (if you don’t know him, he’s a Christian rap artist formerly from the group DC Talk)

Wow, talk about an eclectic taste in music, E! Very different, yet the same goal–to Glorify God through music! Go Handel & Toby!

Edited to add: Oh, and Elizabeth also got to see one of her favorite bands–Kutless. Here she is in the photo with the band after the concert last night:

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