Who Likes Ketchup More?

In Grace’s life, EVERYTHING is better with ketchup! So, I especially loved this poster (forwarded to me by my friend Holly) put out by the National Down Syndrome Congress to promote the “more alike than different” campaign for people with Down syndrome:

Now, Grace is renowned for her love of ketchup. Her bus driver Char and aide Diane gave her a huge ketchup container with a pump one year for Christmas. Then, when she was younger, we would go through the store checkout line and she would clutch a big bottle of Heinz (instead of a toy) and cry when the check-out lady had to take it to scan it! At one time, the bottoms of her hands and feet turned orange from eating so much ketchup & baby carrots!

Well, we now have another little ketchup fanatic!

So, who likes ketchup more: Grace or Bella? The jury is still out….

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