My No New Clothes Challenge Check-in….

It’s been 11 days….and no new clothes yet! So that is a good thing, but it has not been without its challenges. Why is it when you put something off-limits, then you notice it everywhere? Now it seems like there are cute clothes everywhere I look!

So, in an attempt to lessen the temptation to buy new clothes, I went on an internet site that allows one to opt out of any catalog currently received. So I cancelled the catalogs for all my favorite places to buy new clothes: Pendleton, J. Jill, Travelsmith–you get the picture. At least now, I won’t be tempted to just “look” at the catalogs when they come in the mail.

Hmmmm….a year seems like a very long time! I’ll keep you posted!

6 thoughts on “My No New Clothes Challenge Check-in….

  1. You are brave! I bought tights this week because have none, but they didn't fit so I gave them to my sister. and I bought rainboots. I'm not partaking in the challenge but your check in made me make a mental checklist of what i've been buying, so i appreciate that!!


  2. J.Jill, Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek…I know only too well! Good luck with your challenge. You don't have much longer. Just keep plugging, we'll hold you accountable 🙂


  3. Thanks, ladies, for keeping me accountable. Yes, 354 days doesn't seem that long at all, does it? 🙂

    Molly, thanks for sharing with me about how this may have helped a wee bit in thinking through what you need. It sure is helpful to know that others are thinking about some of these same little issues too.!

    Onward and upward! Love, Paula


  4. does that include kids clothes or just for yourself? I hardly ever buy myself clothes so a year isnt a big deal. but if I couldnt buy the KIDS new clothes I really might die! lol. I am a bargain shopper so I buy them super cheap on clearance but they are new. I got a new winter coat for Ethan for 4.98! You have my respect in doing this no new clothes for a year thing.


  5. Yes, my plan is no new clothes for me. However, I am really going to try and be as frugal as possible with the kids' clothes as well. Bargain shopping, like you MoonDog, and maybe some needed items off Ebay. Thank goodness Elizabeth never asks for any clothes and Sam only wears t's and jeans. And, with Bella we have received tons of hand-me-downs from my sister's girls and a cousin—so we will see. Grace is the hardest cuz of her pudgy tummy and short arms. I try and buy her 3/4 sleeve shirts off E-Bay or Old Navy. She is in plus-size pants as well. Will try hard!


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