The Singing Show…

Last night Kevin and I watched the “singing show” (as Grace calls it)…aka American Idol. We both cried like big babies because one of the first contestants to make it to Hollywood was a 16 year old girl named Maddy Curtis.

Here’s a link to her audition so you can see why we cried:

She is now our official favorite! Go Maddy!

5 thoughts on “The Singing Show…

  1. I love her. She has a beautiful voice and seems like SUCH a sweetie.

    PS one of the babies I posted on Matching Monday could be Bella's twin! or younger sister.


  2. Daddy-O
    For the record, I had an eye lash in BOTH of my eyes at the exact time Maddy's story and her audition were airing! So there!


  3. That was AWESOME!!! I recorded American Idol, but I did not watch it yet! I can't wait to share it with the girls. Oh, and I had just taken my shower and got ready for the day and now I have mascara down my face!!!! You warned me, but I watched it anyway!! She is now my favorite too!


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