Bella Remembers…

Bella’s Orphanage seemed to have a lot of toys, puzzles, games, and playground equipment.

But do you know what was the most popular toy in Bella’s groupa? If you guessed an empty plastic pop bottle, you were right! Isn’t it comforting to know that kids all over the world tend to gravitate to the things we just throw away–like cardboard boxes!

The boys in her groupa would throw the bottles up in the air, sometimes catch them, but also loving the sound they made when clashing on the ground OR across one of their buddies’ heads! Kevin and I would just laugh at their antics as they played with their precious toy.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise tonight when I found Bella digging through the garbage and pulling out this….

She was SOOOOO proud to have found this treasure and to have a plastic 2 liter bottle all to herself!

If I only would have remembered this sooner, Christmas presents for her would have been so easy and inexpensive! HA HA Well, her birthday is coming up…hmmm….. (Just Kidding!) But it was fun to see Bella remember her little friends’ games as she played with a bottle of her very own!

4 thoughts on “Bella Remembers…

  1. I can relate!! Erik's very favorite toys are empty envelopes!! He likes to fan himself and will taaaaaaalk and talk to himself while fanning! Kids!! Aren't they funny?!


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