Home Six Months….

Can you believe it? Bella has been home with us, her forever family (which includes Grandma pictured below), for 6 months! Her adoption has impacted our family so much. Perhaps the person most influenced is none other than her big sister Grace.

Grace’s teachers confessed to me last fall that they were worried for Grace when they heard that we were adopting another little girl with Down syndrome. They felt she would probably regress and that her behaviors in school would deteriorate. But guess what? It has been the exact opposite! She has blossomed in her role as a big sister and is having her best school year ever! Isn’t that wonderful?

And, a funny little story to share….Grandma said the other day that when she was just leaving our house after a visit that she heard Grace say “Nyet, Bella Bogdana, Nyet, Paka Babushka!” Too funny….Bella has dropped all her Russian/Ukrainian and Grace has picked it up, so much so that one whole phrase was in a foreign language. Does this make Grace bi-lingual? πŸ™‚

But, we are still amazed at how wonderully Bella is doing in her transition to American family life.

Let’s just say she’s a keeper!

9 thoughts on “Home Six Months….

  1. she is a doll. Ours have been home almost 5 months and we love them to pieces!! Even if they did bring home some dirty words that Mama didnt understand were naughty because she doesnt speak russian! but we wouldnt trade them for anything. and your bella is such a doll. she reminds me of a doll I had as a child, I called her baby sneezy, because if you squeesed her she sneezed. Bella looks like such a love to squeese!


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