My Funny Little Honey….

Grace is my funny little honey! And, we got a chance to hear all about her antics once again.

Yesterday was the infamous IEP day for Miss Grace. Kevin and I met with the team to discuss next year’s goals, plans, and dreams…. Besides that, the teachers shared how Grace is such a joy to have around and that the whole school really loves her.

Here are a couple highlights:

* Whenever they play “musical chairs” (as a sensory game), she gets all excited and calls it “High School Musical Chairs”…. 🙂

* She has a crush on a 4th grade male teacher….instead of hanging his class’s snacks on the door (as is her daily job for the school), she insists on hand delivering it to him and coyly hands him the snacks and smiles! Then, she bows to the class! AND they applaud. Talk about reinforcing behaviors!

* She has a problem keeping her hands to herself. Sometimes she hugs, sometimes high fives or gives knuckles, or if she feels like it, just firmly shoves a classmate out of her path.

* There is a photo hanging in the school hall-way by the office of a group of the students wearing their “Character Counts” t-shirts. She is in the front of the photo holding a sign. We’re told she can’t walk by it without taking time to admire herself! She would probably gaze at herself forever, unless someone redirected her.

* I guess they will have to hide the microphone to the new classroom sound system. Grace wants to take it and sing “High School Musical” songs into it and then say “I Grace Burckhard!”

* Often times, before school she goes off into a corner to read books. Her teacher said many times after she has already marked Grace absent, there she pops up out of a corner ten minutes after class has started. At least she is looking at books (and keeping her hands to herself!)

We can see that her teachers truly love and care for our little muffin. We are so thankful Grace is in a good place where she loves to be…and that her classmates not only respect her, but clammer at who gets to be with her! You go, Grace!

7 thoughts on “My Funny Little Honey….

  1. How precious! Let me guess…she LOVES High School Musical? And let's face it, she is just like all other girls, she has to look in the mirror to make sure her hair and make up are just perfect! Did you say she was 16? I thought Elizabeth was 16? Are they twins? LOL 😀

    She is awesome and you are very blessed to have her in a school where she is loved and cherished! Rock on Grace!


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