"Thank You for this Party…"

Those sweet words above were spoken by Grace last evening after we celebrated her birthday with family & friends. I would never have guessed 10 years ago today that she would not only be talking so well, but using good manners and showing such true, heart-felt gratitude for her little party.

When Grace was born 10 years ago today, I was crushed. However, God was up to something good by showering us with blessings undeserved…..our Grace.

Now, I pray that the world would come to see our children with Down syndrome as I do today–a gift rather than curse. I trust that God will use Grace for his glory in ways I can never imagine.

Happy Birthday, Grace! We love you soooooo much!

9 thoughts on “"Thank You for this Party…"

  1. Happy Birthday dear Grace! We are so blessed! What a gift they are to us! It seems just the other day I met you and Kevin and she was just a newborn! Time goes too fast. Looks like she had a great day!


  2. Happy Birthday Grace. You were the most adorable little baby girl. And now you are growing up to be one beautiful young lady. You are a special gift from God and I feel so lucky and so blessed to have been given a gift just like you…well, not JUST like you, I have a little boy who blesses us with his Down syndrome AND we are going to the same place your sister Bella came from to get another little boy with Ds. How cool is that!?!? AND we all live in the same GREAT state of ND. Looking forward to meeting you someday!


  3. Happy Birthday Grace! You are so special to your family and have become so special to us!

    And Paula, please warn of the tissue factor in your blogs. She is a beautiful baby and your words of blessing has me in tears 🙂 again… your family truly blesses us here.

    Enjoy the next year of blessings from Grace and we look forward to hearing about them.


  4. Happy Birthday, DEAR GRACE!!!!!! I remember the day you were born like yesterday. I remember holding you and wondering what life held in store for you. Little did we know that you would bring us soooooo much love, joy and laughter!!! Thank you, Grace for being you! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


  5. Paula, I do remember so clearly visiting you in the hospital when baby Grace was born. I know you were so shocked, fearful, and uncertain of what the future would hold. Though I don't see you often (except on the news, in the newspaper, in magazines, etc, etc. ha!) it is clear how you have embraced the challenges God has given you and the blessing of Grace and her DS and now the added joy of bringing Bella into your family!


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