Bad Mommy Award…

Although it’s Mother’s Day weekend, I may just get the bad mommy award. šŸ˜¦ You see over the last week, Bella has been having so many potty accidents. I really thought it was a control issue or even a little testing the waters (no pun intended). Her preschool teacher even called the other day and asked if she was having accidents at home too. Yes, she was…All to say, I was getting a little annoyed with Bella at not going potty in the toilet like a big girl.

Well, I finally called her doctor who wanted to rule out an infection. So, after taking a sample to the lab on Thursday (which was no easy feat in itself), Dr. C. called today to say that she does have an urinary tract infection and needed a round of antibiotics.

Now I feel bad….she was sick all along. Sorry little Bella…This mom stuff still is hard after so many years!

5 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Award…

  1. Oh, gosh, that would make you feel terrible!! But goodness, no one's perfect and you certainly can't read her mind. Poor little thing: I'm glad she's on antibiotics now!


  2. You are NOT a BAD mommy! You brought her to the doctor and found out what was wrong, that makes you a great mommy! A bad mommy would just chalk it up to her back sliding, and you didn't šŸ™‚

    Mother of Excellence Award!

    Feel better Bella! Happy Mothers Day, Paula!

    Love and Hugs to you and yours,


  3. I think you get Good Mommy of the Year award, like JoEllen said, you called the doctor to see what was wrong with Bella….no mom is perfect and I can't imagine anyone running to the doctor after a few accidents…glad she is on the mend now and you can love on her like I know you do and have a Happy Mother's Day with all 4 of your babies!!


  4. Oh, that is interesting! Victoria has had many over the years…… just think the next time you will know that it could be an infection. Hope she is feeling better now!


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