Mother’s Day Blessings….

This is what makes Mother’s day so dear to me….

Last year, on Mother’s Day Kevin took a picture of me and our THREE children holding a picture of Bella (To see last year’s post:

This year, well….I am just so thankful for all FOUR blessings that surround me with love each day.

Happy Mother’s Day especially to my Mother, my mother-in-law Lucille, and all of you, my dear friends, who have the honor of being called a Mom! God bless you in this highest of callings!

Love, Paula

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Blessings….

  1. I miss reading about your precious family and that sweet Bella Bogdonna. I need to get to my blog and post sone updates. I am still trying to figure everything out! We have not even had the boys pictures taken yet!!!!

    I would love for our families to be able to meet up this summer and let Bella and Max play. I wonder if they would even remember each other. I realize it would require some travel but maybe an idea will take hold!

    Many Blessings,
    Jolie Harris (Max and JT's mommy)


  2. First of all, I am terrible at leaving comments back for people! But I do love reading what my friends have to say and so appreciate your continued encouragement and support.

    Jolie, I would love to see Max & Bella together! Please do update with photos; my older daughter Elizabeth still shows Bella pictures of Max, Lilya, and the others…and Bella still seems to remember and, just like Max, wants to kiss the screen! Thanks for the note….let's plan for a Berizka reunion!!!!


  3. Wow…just realized I wore the same outfit both years, down to the hairstyle and jewelry…guess I'm consistent at least!!


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