It’s Our "Bella" Anniversary…..

One year ago today, we had our very first meeting with Bella…..

And, now, let’s see what one year later brings! Here’s what happened today….

Bella’s first movie–Toy Story 3–with 3D glasses no less……

And, Bella’s first ice cream truck…..

I think we all can agree that having a family is good!

But, having a new daughter is great! We thank and praise God for this extraordinary gift–we couldn’t have hand picked a better daughter!

Camp ReCreation….

Elizabeth just returned from her fourth year as a counselor at Camp ReCreation in Richardton, ND. Camp Rec is a summer camp experience for teens and adults with disabilities. This year was especially challenging yet rewarding one for Elizabeth.

Besides trying to make it a fun, memorable experience for her camper/s, she learned how to change Depends, make transfers, and so on. During her first week she had two campers–one teen and another in her 20’s–both with autism. The second week she was paired with a young adult with cerebral palsy whom she totally loved!

Elizabeth with one of her campers….

Elizabeth with her best friend Alyssa (she was a counselor during the first week) at one of the dances….

I am so proud of her dedication to this wonderful camp! And I know she was blessed, too, by her interactions with the campers and other counselors.

AND….Elizabeth can’t wait to introduce Grace to camp next year. Watch out, Camp, Grace is coming!!

Lilya Has a Family!

I am so excited to finally be able to post that little Lilya, Bella’s little friend from her orphanage whom we met last summer, has officially been adopted! Congratulations to the Zoromski Family! I waited to say anything because I didn’t want to jeopardize their process, but now that it is official….

Last summer…..

And Now!

We can’t wait until July when we are stopping by to visit them on our way to Milwaukee!!!!!

Pssst……all of the children with Ds we met and took photos of last summer are in the process of being adopted! Isn’t that the greatest! Of course, Kevin thinks he can take credit because he took the photos……Ha Ha! Watch for updates here as each family is official!!


This blog post is titled “sharing” for a reason. Just last night, Friday “pizza night”, we were eating our pizza on the “pizza blanket” in front of the TV. Grace wanted more Papa Murphy’s cheese bread and there wasn’t any left.

She noticed Bella hadn’t touched hers. So Grace asked “Bella, Can I have that?” Bella answered, “Noooo.” And so it went.

Finally, Grace gave up asking.

Miraculously, a few minutes later a smile crossed Bella’s face as she picked up that cheese bread and tossed it over on Grace’s plate!

This is monumental for a child from an orphanage! Food has been the only thing she can control and she NEVER shares.
Yay for Bella for sharing with her sister! She was so proud when we praised her for it. Grace just said “Thanks, Bella” while she proceeded to munch away.

I am so thankful to witness this little girl blossoming before our eyes. Sometimes these little things are really the big things!