This blog post is titled “sharing” for a reason. Just last night, Friday “pizza night”, we were eating our pizza on the “pizza blanket” in front of the TV. Grace wanted more Papa Murphy’s cheese bread and there wasn’t any left.

She noticed Bella hadn’t touched hers. So Grace asked “Bella, Can I have that?” Bella answered, “Noooo.” And so it went.

Finally, Grace gave up asking.

Miraculously, a few minutes later a smile crossed Bella’s face as she picked up that cheese bread and tossed it over on Grace’s plate!

This is monumental for a child from an orphanage! Food has been the only thing she can control and she NEVER shares.
Yay for Bella for sharing with her sister! She was so proud when we praised her for it. Grace just said “Thanks, Bella” while she proceeded to munch away.

I am so thankful to witness this little girl blossoming before our eyes. Sometimes these little things are really the big things!

4 thoughts on “Sharing……

  1. That's funny, she tossed it onto Grace's plate. At our house if something gets tossed across the table, it's usually from Caleb and NOT something anyone asked for! LOL!


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